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Use our knowledge base to learn technical recruitment best practices, to plan your hiring, to understand your roles and market, to design your Boolean searches, to identify the communities where your employer brand needs to exist, and use our Ask the Expert messenger to create custom knowledge specific for your needs and requirements

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Have all the knowledge you need to hire technical staff successfully in one place. Get access to dynamic market insights, technology and role glossaries, job descriptions, interview guides, Boolean searches, market maps and your own custom knowledge designed for your own unique needs

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Candidates talk technology, Hiring Managers request technology experience but what exactly are they talking about. We have a technology glossary, sample technical job descriptions and interview guides to help you understand and begin having more meaningful discussions with Hiring Managers

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Use our Demand/Availability charts for more than 25 technology roles in your market place to better plan your hiring. Get an understanding of the complexity of hire for your role and better manage your hiring managers expectations

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Every company is unique and you have your own talent needs and objectives, collaborate with our expert technical recruitment team to create insights that are specific to your situation and requirements – “where best to find java engineers with a life science background”, “what are the hiring patterns of my competitor in this market”, “can you create a new boolean search for a unique role I have”

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Begin building your own custom Talent Knowledge Collection for your company. Create a strategic asset for your company that will enable the company to hire technical talent successfully for their own unique needs

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