We love recruiting

Recruiting is hard, technical recruiting is harder, but we have spent the last 10 years working with some of the world’s biggest brands and exciting start-ups to help them build their technical teams

No longer are we competing with internal Talent and HR teams, rather we are empowering them to hire technical talent, confidently

Finally, talent is becoming strategic

We always believed Talent was a strategic function and that companies needed to take that strategic capability and bring it in-house, to create a strategic capability that will sustain them in the long term

And so we decided that we would codify everything that we know about technical recruiting and make it available to internal Talent teams

Welcome to TA.Guru

Why TA.Guru?

Significantly increase your own capability

Access the knowledge and market intelligence that will empower you to identify the right candidate for your roles

Significantly reduce agency costs

Empowering an internal Talent function means you can cease to outsource a key strategic function and significantly reduce external agency spend

Influence, not react

Instead of reacting to a hiring need, use the tools and capability to influence hiring plans and strategies so that recruiting can be successful

Once recruitment consultants

We are a team of expert technical recruiters who have helped some of the world’s biggest brands and exciting start-ups successfully hire technical talent

Now empowering talent teams

We have taken everything we know about how to successfully recruit technical talent and codified it into a dynamic knowledge base that internal Talent teams can use to support their work. Even Talent Teams without a technical background!

Use our glossary to learn about technology and a range of technical roles, use our Demand/Availability maps to understand the complexity of hire, use our suggested keywords and Boolean searches to seed your talent pipelines, overlay our market insights and research to understand how to adapt your employer value proposition and talent strategies