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What you’ll learn

Whether you are building a new internal Talent team, or have a non-technical background with responsibility for technical hiring, whether you are a start up, a growing company or large enterprise entering a talent market for the first time, our dynamic knowledge base will empower you to hire technical talent

Communicate Confidently

Learn what you need to know about different technologies and roles to help you source, engage and qualify candidates and to confidently discuss opportunities with managers and prospects alike

Quickly Identify Candidates

Leverage suggested Boolean searches and market maps to source and qualify so you can accelerate the development of your candidate pipeline

Know Your Market

Use Demand and Availability analysis across more than 25 technology roles, along with market maps and research into skills trends and hiring patterns to understand the market in which you are recruiting

Track Talent Competitors

Be aware of the competitors for the talent you want to hire, when they are hiring, when they have attrition so that you can identify threats and opportunities to hire

Monitor Candidate Sentiments

Understand changing candidate expectations and sentiments with regular market surveys to help you positively adapt your employer value proposition and strategies to the market

Build Custom Knowledge

Collaborate with a team of expert technical recruitment consultants available to answer your questions and create custom knowledge specific to your needs

Start with the basics

Search our glossaries for explanations of technical roles and technologies, use our job description templates and interview loops, copy our keyword Boolean searches to build a technical candidate pipeline, and use our templates to help track your process and candidates

Request help with your specific needs or personalised knowledge using our Ask The Expert messenger

Become a strategic Talent Advisor within 3 months

Reduce Agency costs

Create an in-house Talent capability using TA.Guru’s knowledge base and expert support. Remove your dependency on external agencies and significantly reduce your agency costs

Influence rather than react

Cost reduction is obviously a priority but equally important is to cease outsourcing a strategic competency for your organisation and bring that knowledge in-house, enabling your teams to hire technical talent and inform your talent strategy

Empower with insights

Understand the market to guide your hiring strategy and manage hiring managers expectations. Our dynamic Demand and Availability analysis will help you determine the complexity of hire, our research reports will show you how others have hired for the role in the past, and our candidate surveys will help you assess how your employer brand can best align with candidate sentiments, aspirations and expectations